Drop 12-25 lbs in 90 days, without depriving diets or the Yo-Yo effect

Through the Strong Entrepreneur Framework

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You've tried it all to get in shape:

  • Keto
  • Fasting
  • Fad diets
  • Counting calories
  • Fat-burning workouts
  • Weight-loss challenges

But none of it works... You either can't lose the weight or it comes right back.

If this has been frustrating for you, I get you. The truth is that it’s not your fault. Most of what you’ve learned about diets and exercising simply is wrong.

Here's the problem: Common “advice” like the above leads you straight into what I call the Deprivation Cycle. If you tried fad diets or weight-loss challenges before, you've likely experienced one or more of the following issues:

The Deprivation Cycle

Common diets force you to undereat or having to eat foods you don't like

Undereating leads to a crash within two weeks

This drains the energy and focus you for your business

You get stressed and feel massive cravings for foods you actually do enjoy

You give in to the cravings to cope with stress at a "weak moment"

You revert right back into your patterns and gain back the weight you've lost (or even more)

92% of diets fail because of that and the cycle repeats itself. And the more diets that fail, the higher the chance the next won’t work either.

As a result, you might end up feeling embarrassed and ashamed, thinking, "What is wrong with myself and my body?"

Here’s the truth:

Nothing’s wrong with you or your body! The problem is that no diet, workout, or challenge that doesn’t consider your demanding workload, incorporates enjoyment, and helps you get rid of stress will help you.

My goal is not just to give you another diet or workout routine. My goal is for you to get in shape sustainably, be able to enjoy food, and never having to stress about "dieting" again.

This is why I created the Strong Entrepreneur Framework - it will help you…

Get in shape sustainably and feel confident when you look in the mirror, walk across the beach, or fit into your favorite clothes again

Get rid of chronic stress and cravings that sabotage your efforts to eat healthy, without having to rely on willpower

Set the base to be vital for the rest of your life, without having to sacrifice the foods you love - at home or in restaurants

Don't waste any valuable time through outdated and ineffective methods and reach your goals with only 2 hours per week

Reduce your work time and deliver your best to your clients or contractors by getting rid of low energy and brain fog

Do all of this even when you're travelling, without having to worry that you will lose your progress

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What clients have to say:

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Here are your next steps:

Inquire for a free breakthrough call and select a spot

We will analyze your goals and specific needs

I will outline an individual strategy to reach your goals

Implement under my guidance and transform!

It is my intention for you to get the most out of this call. This is not just going to be a one hour pitch full of fluff, you will walk away with an actual strategy that will work for you. You will have the option to keep working with me if we are a good fit.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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About Me

I’m a strength and performance nutrition coach and currently in the process to be a psychological counselor.

My journey started at age 16 when I joined a gym to improve my self-esteem and get a six-pack.

However, I soon realized that visible abs aren’t everything:

After reaching my initial goal within 6 months, I still lacked any confidence and I struggled with nagging back pain.

I admired the people around me in the gym who were moving crazy amounts of weight and seemed to possess unshakable confidence, and I wanted to be just like that.

So I changed my goal to become the strongest version of myself.

After countless mistakes, several injuries and trying to figure everything out by myself for years, I enrolled in a top strength coach program.

This completely transformed my training and nutrition approach and I even managed to qualify for and compete at the national powerlifting championships.

I started to help friends and family with their fitness goals while avoiding the countless mistakes I’ve made, and I loved it - so I took a big leap:

In 2019, I started my coaching business.

Everything went great, until I hit a wall in 2021:

After competing at this year’s nationals, I burnt out due to my packed business schedule and a diet I hated.

I lost my joy in working out, got into my worst shape since 10 years and knew I had to change something.

I realized that my most successful clients did not see working out and eating healthy as sacrificial and torturous.

That’s when I started focusing on enjoyment and eating foods I actually liked while prioritizing stress management and recovery, which allowed me to get into peak shape again, while crushing my busy workload.

All of this led to the creation of the Strong Entrepreneur Framework:

It’s a method to help ambitious individuals reach optimized fitness and well-being without sacrificing their business or quality of life.


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